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Animation touch
one’s heart beyond
national boarders.


Greeting from the Representative

Delivering next vision for new decade


Kazuhiro Nishikawa

We started from a small studio of 5 members. Through producing animations of different types, we’ve gained pretty much experience in this field and ten years later we have become a production studio with 80 staff that can afford TV and theatical series animation production.
Compared with automated large scare plants, we are more like a small factory where gathers experienced "animation" craftsmen. Thus, there is a limit for production quantity and speed. Lucky that we have qualified teams that can make products with high quality.
For next 10 years, we are thinking to make titles which show how DandeLion want to be.

"A gift for all children"

This is our first and of course, the most important mission.
Instead of pursuing only for fame or being unusual, we prefer to produce titles which can really make people feel touched with great empathy.

Please keep an eye on this small animation "factory" located in Nerima, a suburb ward of Tokyo. We will keep spreading animation throughout the world.

Company Information

Established April 9th, 2007
Corporate name DandeLion Animation Studio Inc.
(March 20th,2018 Demutualization)
Discription of business ・Planning, production, and distribution(sales) of digital animation and application software.
・Planning, production, and distribution of animation for feature film, TV, and social media.
・Practical use and distribution, license, protection of intellectual property rights.
・Planning, production, and distribution of promotional items and merchandizing.
・Ads and online shopping business using internet.
・All business related to above.
Studio Sankei Daini Building, 2-7-28, Higashioizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178-0063 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6904-5161
Representative Kazuhiro Nishikawa
Employee number 78 employees(As of October, 2015)
Major business partners
(Listed in no particular order)
Nippon Television Network Corporation
VAP inc.
Marvelous Inc.
mixi, Inc.
GREE, Inc.
Production I.G, Inc.
Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd.
A-1 Pictures Inc.
Pierrot Co.,Ltd.
Tezuka Productions Company, Ltd.
Polygon Pictures Inc.
Dynamo Pictures, Inc.
IMAGICA Imageworks, Inc.
Mainly used Software, Plug-in Maya (Main3DSoftware)
3ds MAX (Second3DSoftware)

Corporate development



2007 4 CORPORATE The representative of our company, Mr. Nishikawa, resigned from the TOEI Animation.
Positioned as a CG animation planning and producing company, the Dandelion Animation Studio, LLC was founded with five members.
2008 6 TV RoboDz Kazagumo Hen broadcast on the Toon Disney channel.
We worked as the CG director & CG Production for the series.
FILM Joined the production of Oblivion Island -Haruka and the Magic Mirror-, a full CG film.
The virgin production as film CG director.


2010 4 CORPORATE An office space expansion for our staff member increased to 15.
Meanwhile, our business scaled to game, promotion, recreation related videos.
2011 3 FILM Film ONE PIECE 3D: Mugiwara Chase released.
8 FILM Pretty Cure All Stars DX3D theatre released.
CORPORATE An office space expansion for our staff member increased to 30 .
2012 4 FILM Film A Letter to Momo released.
CG Director & CG Production
6 FILM Film BLOOD-C The Last Dark released.
CG Director & CG Production
7 FILM Film Guskō Budori no Denki released.
2013 3 CORPORATE A second studio was setup at the Shakujii Park area.
6 FILM Film Hal released.
CG Director & Production
7 CORPORATE A debut at the 1st Production Expo.
2014 1 TV 47 todofuken dogs R, our first prime-contract production began broadcasting on a channel owned by the Nippon Television Network Corporation.
4 CORPORATE A third studio was setup at the Shakujii Park area and the staff member increased to 40.
A feature article about our company was published in the CGWORLD 188 Vol., a monthly Japanese CG magazine.
We also featured on the cover in that edtion.
TV Haikyu!! began broadcasting on channels affiliated to Mainichi Broadcasting System and Tokyo Broadcasting System.
CG Director & CG Production


2015 3 CORPORATE Computer Animation Unit founded.
Staff member increased to 60.
TV A promotion video utilizing computer animation technique produced for the Angry Birds Fights! .
4 CORPORATE An article, titled First feature: CG Animation 2015, introduced about our company was published in the CGWORLD 200 Vol..
5 FILM Film Sarusuberi -Miss Hokusai- released.
CG Director & CG Production
7 CORPORATE Rights Business Unit founded.
A debut at the 5th Character and Brand Licensing Trade Show.
TV Mascot design for a Chinese music company based in Shanghai.
10 FILM Film The Empire of Corpses released.
CG Director & CG Production
2016 3 CORPORATE The representative of our company gave a speech at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market.
4 CORPORATE Ran a booth as a representative of Japan at the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival being held in Hangzhou, a city located in east China.
7 TV The Morose Mononokean and Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION began broadcasting on channels including; Tokyo Metropolitan Television.
9 CORPORATE Listed as a member of the Association of Japanese Animations.
10 CORPORATE All the three studios scattered at the Shakujii Park area were moved into one building at the nearby Ōizumi Gakuen area.
2017 3 TV Robomasters:The Animated Series, our prime contract production, released.
TV S-project, a global co-production, kicked off.
4 CORPORATE The 10th anniversary of our company.
10 TV Pingu in the City broadcast on NHK.
2018 3 CORPORATE We changed our trade name to DandeLion Animation Studio Inc.
2 TV In charge of PV production of the distributed Readyyy! Project.
5 TV In charge of anime production for the distributed original movie for the commemoration of the opening of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway (Misato Minami IC – Koya JCT) on June 2, 2018: Gaikan Opening Commemoration Animation Movie GAIKAN CHIBA.
10 TV In charge of overall production and participated in the production of Akanesasu Shojo broadcast on Animax and others.
  FILM Participated in ending animation work and a part of the main anime effect work in the released movie Pretty Cure Futari wa pretty Cure: All Stars Memories.
2019 1 TV Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki broadcast by Tokyo MX and others.
4 FILM In charge of overall CG in the released movie Birthday Wonderland.
10 TV In charge of direction of MV in the game and character animation for the distributed game Ensemble Stars!! Music.
12 FILM In charge of VFX production in the released movie Lupin III: The First.


2020 1 TV In charge of overall image production, including PV direction, in the released game Dancing City.
  TV Participated in overall CG production of the distributed IDOLiSH7 ‘RabbiTube: Creator’ ni Challenge!!.
4 TV KINGDOM 3rd season broadcast by NHK General TV.
6 TV In charge of movie production in the distributed POKÉTOON Scraggy and Mimikyu.
2021 3 TV Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation broadcast by Tokyo MX.
10 TV SELECTION PROJECT broadcast by many TV stations and broadcast and distributed on distribution sites.
2022 4 TV KINGDOM 4th season broadcast by NHK General TV.
6 FILM In charge of CG modelling, development, and composites in the released movie Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO.
8 TV In charge of models, unity shader production, and rigging for the event IDOLiSH7 ONLY ONCE. ONLY 7TH.
12 FILM In charge of overall production of released movie THE FIRST SLAM DUNK.
  TV Participated in overall CG production of the distributed IDOLiSH72022 BLACK or WHITE LIVE SHOWDOWN.
2023 1 TV Participated in production of modelling and rigging of the distributed IDOLiSH7 RabbiTube mini.



Japan 46th Japan Academy Film Prize Award for Best Animation Film
Japan 1st Niigata International Animation Film Festival Ohkawa-Fukiya Award
Japan 46th Japan Academy Film Prize Award for Best Animation Film
Japan 1st Niigata International Animation Film Festival Ohkawa-Fukiya Award
Japan 42th Fujimoto Award Fujimoto Award
Canada 27th Fantasia International Film Festival Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation
Japan 16th Japan Cuts Audience Award
Japan 41th Golden Gross Award Japan Film Section Best Golden Award
Australia 16th Asia Pacific Screen Awards Best Aminated Film Award
Japan 36th Nikkan Sports Film Award for Yujiro Ishihara Award Yujiro Ishihara Award
Japan 2024 Elan d’or Awards Special Prize
Japan 2024 Tokyo Anime Award Festival Best Film (Feature Film)

Lupin III: The First

Japan 43th Japan Academy Film Prize Award for Excellent Animation

Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?

Japan 41th Japan Academy Film Prize Excellent Animation Award

Sarusuberi -Miss Hokusai-

France 39th Annecy International Animation Film Festival Jury Award
Spain 48th SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia Anima’t Best Film Award
Australia 9th Asia Pacific Screen Awards Best Animated Feature Film
Japan 39th Japan Academy Film Prize Excellent Animation Award
Japan 70th Mainichi Film Awards Animation Film Award
Canada 19th Fantasia International Film Festival Excellent Animation Film Award

BLOOD-C The Last Dark

Canada 16th Fantasia International Film Festival L’Ecran Fantastique

A Letter To Momo

Japan 15th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation DivisionExcellence Award
Canada 16th Fantasia International Film FestivalAudience Award
Italy 14th Future Film Festival Pratinum Grand Prize
U.S.A. 2012 New York International Children’s Film Festival Grand Prize:Feature Film
Mexico 2012 AniFest Best Animation Feature Film
Australia 6th Asia Pacific Screen AwardsBest Animated Feature Film
France 8th Mon Premier Festival Jury Award
Japan 20th Tokyo Kinder Film Festival Grand Prize:Feature Film


Japan 34th apan Academy Film Prize Excellent Animation Award
Spain 12th Barcelona Asian Film Festival Audience Award
Japan 28th Golden Gross Award Excellence Silver Prize

Oblivion Island -Haruka and the Magic Mirror-

Japan 33th Japan Academy Film PrizeExcellent Animation Award
Japan 2009 MPTE AWARDSTechnical Prize
Japan 13th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Jury Selections
Japan 25th Digital Content Grand Prix DCAJ Chairman Award
Argentina 4th Expotoons Internatinal Animation Festival Expotoons Special Award:Feature Film
Canada 14th Fantasia International Film Festival Animated Feature Film Jury Award
Germany 10th Nippon ConnectionNippon Cinema Award
Germany 18th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film AniMovie Special Mention feature-length animated film
Australia 4th Asia Pacific Screen Awards Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film
South Korea 14th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival(SICAF) Animated Feature Film Jury Award
Argentina 10th International Film Festival "Nueva Mirada" for Children and Youth "GOLDEN KITE" THE BEST FEATURE FILM SIGNIS ARGENTINA JURY AWARDS


Origin of the corporate name

Our corporate name came from flower, dendelion. In French, "dandelion" has a meaning of "lion’s teeth(dent-de-lion)", also.
Dandelion is the small flower which bloom partically anywhere, consisting one flower with bunch of flower petal.
Even more, green leaves look like teeth of lion.
Also, when blooming season finishes, puff will fly on the wind. It has vital energy, and can bloom flower wherever it’s seed lands. With an adult’s perspective, it is too small and not gorgeous flower, but as a child, it is a flower you see daily.
DandeLion Animation Studio is production studio which make TV and theatical series CG animation which strongly bloom to children’s point of view.

Origin of the company logo

We have renewed our company logo for 10th year anniversary. Motif of the logo is our former logo, which was illustration of lion and our original character "Kenta". We created simple character logo which can be widespread and popular, as well as easy to read but playful.